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Deck Maintenance

It needs to be above 50 degrees for the deck to dry in a reasonably short period of time. We try to complete all of our projects late march and late october. Its a good idea to call us several weeks ahead of important dates like derby, 4th of july etc. because we get backed up 2-3 weeks most of the summer.

I prefer oil-based deck stains. water-based stains dont protect as long and silicone-based sealers dont look good for very long. The brand i recommend depends on the age and condition of the deck as well as the finish if any that is pre-existing. Sikkens and cabot are both good brands.

We can in most cases sand and scrape the deck after its been pressure washed well enough to go back to a good oil-based solid stain. If the customer wants to spend more money in some cases the deck can be sanded down enough to take a semi-solid stain. If the deck is real old deck replacement should also be considered.

Yes if an untrained or improperly trained person pressure washes your deck the damage can be severe and in some cases cant be fixed. We at Decks Unlimited have 22 years of expierence between the two men who do all of the pressure washing and we know how to do the job without harming the soft wood between the grain.

Within the first year but not in the first month unless you used kiln dried after treatment or “kdat” wood.

This will vary depending on the amount of sunlight, traffic, and plantlife in the area. In most cases you should have your deck cleaned and stained every three or four years.

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