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Deck Design Build

We are a Louisville, Ky contractor specialized in Deck Design Build. We work directly with you to determine your goals and deck options that best fit your style and space.

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Wood Decks

Pressure Treated, Pine, Cedar, Mahogany and Teak

Through our Design Build process, we will review deck types with you. Wood decks are the common and economical deck material type. There is a range of material choices that influence the project budget, maintenance requirements, longevity, and overall aesthetics. We work with you to determine the ideal material choice to achieve your goals and a successful project.

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Maintenance Free Decks

Azek, Trex, TimberTech, composite decking

Long-lasting, easy to clean off, and nearly maintenance-free decks are popular decking solutions favorited by our clients.

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Floor Patterns

45 degrees diagonal, v-shape, parquet, and more

Deck floor patterns provide a unique look and will vary depending on your style and overall deck design. The most common floor patterns are 45 degrees diagonal, v-shape, parquet, angle-cut herringbone, basketweave, diamond, perimeter-trimmed, and alternating board widths.

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Picture-framing, perimeter boarders, and area divisions.

Deck borders provide a clean perimeter around your deck, steps, and break up areas to hide deck seams.

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Built-in benches, free-standing benches, and outdoor seating.

Integrated benches save space and built into the deck structure to provide a sturdy seating solution. Free-standing benches are great to move around and provide flexibility in your outdoor seating layout.

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