The pergola also adds a stylish and elegant touch to your outdoor space, creating an inviting ambiance that enhances the overall look and feel of your home. Additionally, a pergola deck can increase the value of your home by creating an attractive outdoor living space that potential buyers will love. It also allows for the cultivation of climbing plants such as ivy, wisteria, and grapevines, which can provide additional shade and a natural aesthetic.

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Louisville Pergola

Custom Decorative Pergolas

Shading, Outdoor Seating Area, and Patio Covers

Pergolas are like a canopy and are a cost-effective way to provide privacy and shading for an outdoor seating area. They are simple architectural structures that define a seating area and provide balance to your outdoor living space.

  • Pressure treated pine
  • Redwood
  • Ipe
  • Cedar

    Types of Pergola Styles and Designs

    There are several different styles and designs of pergolas depending on the look and functionality you are seeking.

    • Freestanding Style
    • Attached Pergola Design
    • Wall Mounted Design
    • Screened Pergola Design
    • Architectural Screened Pergola Design
    • Pergola Curtains
    • Modern Pergola Design
    • Traditional Pergola Design
    • Contemporary Pergola Design
    • L Shaped Pergola