12 Deck Design Ideas for an Awesome Backyard

12 Deck Design Ideas for an Awesome Backyard

June 2, 2021

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A deck is an important part of the house that not only makes your property beautiful but it also increases the resale value. Every homeowner knows the advantages of installing a deck, but often the problem is coming up with the deck design ideas.

We agree, coming up with deck ideas is kinda hard. Decks are not just an innocuous wooden platform jutting out to your backyard. There’s a lot of planning and decision-making that goes into designing and building an outdoor deck.

If you are new to decking, you might not know where to start because you’ll need to determine the deck size, establish a budget, select material, and much more. For starters,  it’s best to hire a professional decking contractor. If you are in Louisville, KY, Decks Unlimited is the best option for you.

We have listed 12 deck design ideas for you to make your work easy. Consider these deck design ideas to express your style outdoors.

1. Deck with a Fire Table

Decks with a fire table are popular deck design ideas that are trending nowadays. An addition of a fire table on a deck not only adds beauty to your outdoor living space but it makes a great partying space for your family and guests.

Building a fire table requires a variety of skills including woodwork, metalwork, metalworking, masonry, and expertise in using some advanced tools.

So we advise you to hire a professional to do the work for you. It will save you time and money.

2. Planter-Edged Deck

If you love gardening and greenery around you, we are sure you’ll love this deck idea. The best part about this deck design ideas is you can install it on your existing deck. This deck gives you the opportunity to grow fresh veggies for the grill.

But keep in mind that you will need a high-ground deck for this design. If you are planning to install on an existing low ground deck, consider building wraparound steps to visually anchor the deck to the landscape.

The wraparound steps help free up space and will serve as bleachers for extra seating at a party or a place to just sit back and watch the grass grow.

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3. Deck with Pergola

Deck with pergola is one of the best deck design ideas if you are also planning to install a pergola in the future. Deck with a pergola will give you a unique overall look to your house.

The best type of pergola with a deck is the vine-covered pergola. It provides shades and gives a classical look. Though installing a pergola to a deck might look like the toughest part of the project but it’s actually the easiest.

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4. Cedar Deck Railing With Glass

Cedar is one of the most used deck materials. The reason why most homeowners love it is because it won’t warp because of moisture, it’s resistant to insects, temperature and weather conditions.

If you are looking for perfect cedar deck design ideas, cedar deck railing with glass is for you. If you already have an existing deck with railing, replacing the railing with tinted glass railing will not only improve the home decoration, but will also give a distinctive touch to your home outdoor living area.

Installing a cedar deck with glass railing needs an expert carpenter and there is also a lot of glasswork involved. Instead of trying to install yourself and get hurt, hire Decks Unlimited in Louisville, KY.

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5. Wood and Stone Deck

A stone and wood deck is another eye-catching deck design ideas that most homeowners opt for. This design is similar to a deck with railing glass, the only difference is, instead of glass we will use veneered stone.

If you are looking for privacy while on your outdoor deck, the traditional decking with a natural-looking veneer stone wall will give you all the privacy that you asked for.

This type of decking will give plenty of built-in seating space if you set the stone wall at a perfect bench height. And you will need almost no maintenance for at least a decade.

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6. Deck with Built-in Bar and Benches

This type of decking is also known as a deck privacy screen. This deck is best if you are looking to block your noisy neighbors, unsightly views, wind, or noise. It’s one of the easiest decks to build and the best part is, it is applicable to most types of deck designs.

There are many outdoor privacy design ideas, but a deck with a built-in bar and benches is above all. It’s designed to make your deck more private.

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7. Deck with Modern Railing

Is your deck a little old compared to the modern deck styles? If yes, a deck with modern railing is especially for those who want to replace or renovate their existing old vintage deck.

If you have an old deck and want to give it a new and fresh look, installing a modern railing will significantly change the overall look of the deck and your house.

But before you install a modern railing make sure to inspect and confirm that the structural parts are still in good shape. It will cut your expenditure by 60% as compared to the complete rebuild cost.

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8. Living Wall with Movable Planters

Another great deck design idea for a ground-level deck is a living wall with movable planters. If you have a ground-level deck and are looking to modify it to add some private space, building a living wall is one of the best options.

The living wall not only gives you private space but also gives you a vertical gardening option. You can grow flowers and herbs on the wall by using planter boxes.

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9. Island Deck

The island deck will need a considerable area to be built. So if you are opting for deck design ideas somewhere around your yard at ground level, the island deck is what you should go for.

The best part about the island deck is you don’t need footings or ledger boards. And that’s what makes this type of deck so easy to build.

Literally, it will take less than a day to finish the project but if you plan to install steps and hidden deck fasteners it might take up to 2 days. Island deck is the best decking setup to relax at the other end of the yard.

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10. Deck Over a Concrete Patio

Have you built a concrete patio on our property? If yes, you can install a deck over it. It doesn’t matter if your patio is old or new. But it’s best to build a deck over an old concrete patio because the new patio is already adding beauty to your property.

Building a deck over a concrete patio is less expensive than building a deck from scratch. And it is also less expensive than a new patio installed by a contractor.

Building a deck over concrete is not an easy thing to do. Instead, it is best to hire a professional like Decks Unlimited in Louisville, KY for the job.

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11. Small Deck with a Pergola

Small decks are usually 16ft wide and 18ft deep excluding bays and stairs. If you have a small space for a deck, adding a pergola will significantly change the look of your deck and overall house.

The pergola will provide perfect shade for the upper deck and the home’s interior from the sun. On top of that, you can beautify your deck by hanging some hangable flower pots or growing some climbing plants nearby.

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12. Garden Pond and Deck

What can be a more pleasing atmosphere than a tiny pond attached to a deck in the backyard? Everybody loves to spend time beside a reflecting pond. And if you are among those pond lovers, a garden pond and deck is one of the best deck design ideas.

Though the project is easy to build and doesn’t require a lot of expensive tools, it still needs to be handled by a professional. A small mistake can cause the pond to overflow on the deck making it messy and causing structural damage.

Most ponds are free-form, informal shapes that have either soft or hard plastic liners dug into the ground. It needs to be handled by a professional. If you are looking for an expert in Louisville, KY Decks Unlimited can help you.

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Deck Design FAQs

  • Will a new deck add value to my home?
    • Not only will it add value to you and your family it will also add value to your home’s resale value. Homeowners can recoup about 75% of the cost once it’s time to sell the home. While it may seem like a large expense now, it is well worth it in the future.
  • Can I build a deck directly on the ground?
    • Yes, you can build a deck directly on the ground, but with some conditions. A deck on the ground must be built with ground-contact wood, and the substructure needs to be adapted for minimal height.
  • Does a deck raise your taxes?
    • Decks and patios both add outdoor living space and increase a home’s worth, which means adding a deck will increase your tax bill.

Which Deck Design Inspires You the Most?

Here we have the list of the 12 best deck design ideas that we consider to be the best decking options. Some of the most imaginative deck designs are the result of deck designers working with the flow of the land. It requires expertise and vision to see a blank land canvas and create an imaginative deck design

When you are looking for deck design ideas make sure you determine the size of deck you like to install. By doing so your contractor in Louisville, KY will get the general idea of what types of designs will fit the space.

Also know that decks don’t have to be attached to the house; they can lead to new vistas, private retreats, and little nooks in the garden. Research as per your need and the space you have.

Now, it’s up to you to decide which one will best fit your property and your style. For any design, estimate, and inquiry contact Decks Unlimited in Louisville, KY.

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